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    Import Contact user fields (XP)

    I have what I think is a common problem, but a search couldn't find the solution.

    I have an Excel spreadsheet in a form suitable for importing into Outlook, that contains contacts from another application. There are a variety of field names in the header line that go beyond the ones built into Outlook's standard contact fields. This is what I have done so far:

    - Created a custom contact form for my contacts folder that has these new fields on it
    - Published the form
    - Made it the default form for that contacts folder
    - Checked that I can manually create a new contact using these extra fields in the form
    - Learned how to update existing contacts to use the new form

    Then I ran the File Import & Export Wizard. When the Map Fields part of the wizard appeared, my new fields DID NOT APPEAR in the right-hand column to be mapped to.

    That's my problem. How do I get the new fields populated?

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    Re: Import Contact user fields (XP)

    The short story? You can't. You need to write code or get a utility. There are several at

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