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    New Spybot version

    Just wanted to advise that the latest version (1.2) of SpybotS&D <img src=/S/new.gif border=0 alt=new width=35 height=15> has been released today. Their website is jammed right now and SLOW, but I found a backdoor mirror through
    Webattack then mirrored though the university of Dortmund(i think) and the download flew right along. So far it looks OK. <img src=/S/whisper.gif border=0 alt=whisper width=29 height=17>


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    Re: New Spybot version

    Hi, Bob ~

    Good call <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15> It might also be worth mentioning that if you open your current version of SpyBot:<UL><LI>Click 'Online' in lower left-hand corner > 'Search for updates' at top of the page<LI>Check 'Main Application' under 'Update' after it collects the info (skip the skins - you don't need 'em)<LI>Then, finally, click 'Download updates' at the top of the page again[/list]You will get a speedy upgrade to version 1.2 & save yourself 1.6MB of download data <IMG SRC=>

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