This extends on <post#= 111321>post 111321</post#> where there was a brief "more questions than answers" discussion. As some may have noticed, there is trouble in Hawai`i on my installed fonts. Having upgraded my graphics program (to Corel 11) I took advantage of the included Bitstream Font Navigator to keep virtually all fonts on my hard drive uninstalled. Saves app memory. The Bitstream add-in pops up and lets you drag whatever font you need for immediate installation. Also brings a ton of problems including on FrontPage.

Had to re-learn that the same font name installed in TrueType and Type1 font files will not show on monitor or on any print. And may the Goddess help you if you inadvertently uninstall a font used by any FrontPage site. It appears that FP will sort of arbitrarily pick just any old font from the uninstalled OR installed list and toss it up on all the pages. (Hawaiian language uses okinas -- as in Hawai`i -- and a few other diacriticals so I keep some special fonts with those on my hard drive for occasional use. One, named HI Keawe crept into the FP documents! And the dymanic Aachen wormed its way into the theme used by one client. Hmmmm.)

Much research later, I discover that FrontPage considers Times New Roman as the "Normal" font. There is nothing to be found about that in online help but Que's Special Edition Using FrontPage2002 has an important clue for when a text entry "gets messed up." It advises you to select the 'wrong' text and click on Format | Remove Formatting. At that point you will learn that FP reverts to plain vanilla Times New Roman. It's likely that Tahoma is also a 'normal' text in sans-serif use but I find no reference.

Bottom line, Leif's comments in the referenced thread about Open fonts seem still correct. It isn't ready. My fixation in web work is to include as few bells and whistles as possible and always go for clarity in type. That means, "BIGGER." Turns out the cost of ink is the same on a web page as in my mind so I usually up from the default 12 point to 14 point just for the heck of it. My guess is there will be tons of systems out there unable to read any but the standard fonts and whatever 'open' efforts we make won't be as fast or clear. <img src=/S/compute.gif border=0 alt=compute width=40 height=20>
<font face="Snap ITC">Hawai`i Bill</font face=snap>