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    NSW Pro 2003 causes mouse slowdown

    I am running Win98 4/10/98, 256k Ram, IE 6.0.
    I have just installed Norton System Works Pro 2003. I uninstalled NSW 2002 first. As soon as this was installed, my cursor became so slow it is driving me mad - maybe not so slowly, either!
    I uninstalled Go-Back, and ensured that Ghost was not loading at start-up, either. Got everything off of automatic except the Antivirus checks. (I also do the LiveUpdates manually, so as not to use up sys resources).
    Still, the cursor is responding extremely slowly most of the time - it doesn't respond at all sometimes to a first or even second click on whatever it is I want to do. It appears to me that something is in the middle of checking something - probably something within NSW, but I don't know what it is. I did a complete system check thru NSW utilities, fixed everything, and did a complete virus scan. All done, all okay.
    I wrote NSW support. They say that
    (1) there may be updates required for either my mouse or video drivers.
    I went into each of the drivers and requested updated drivers for each. Each one said, after checking the Web update site, that the best driver was installed.
    (2) An application has a timing conflict at loadup. The only thing new I have loaded is NSW. I checked to see that the specific items they said were necessary were starting up (i.e., ccAp, ccRegVfy and ccEvtMgr)
    I am just noticing that there is, in fact, something that is newly checked, and that is QD FastandSafe. I don't know what this is.
    (3) Go-Back has a problem. This I had already figured, and had un-installed it.
    (4) Could be a resources issue with my computer. Being Win98 and utilizing a lot of things, I have always had an 'issue with resources'. But the resources are running approx the same as they were before loading NSW, altho I haven't checked it every few minutes, and have noticed that it is reading somewhere in the 50 percentile more often than I would like, which is probably NSW itself.

    I have not loaded the Norton Personal Firewall yet, because I knew better than to load 2 products at the same time. I will think about that if I can resolve this issue.

    Anybody have any ideas about what I can do to get back the speed I am accustomed to (which is usually extremely good). This writing something or clicking somethng and having nothing happening is very disconcerting!

    Thank you,

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    Re: NSW Pro 2003 causes mouse slowdown

    Was you having the problem before you installed NSW Pro 2003? If not, remove it and see what happens. If that takes care of the problem, at least we have a starting point. Also I
    I'm just wondering if a related file was removed when you uninstalled the old NSW.

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