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    Macro for headings

    Each line of a Word2000 document begins with a *flag*; (%A, %E, or %X). How can I automatically change heading style for each line, depending on which flag it begins with? For example, for all lines beginning with %A, make them Heading 1, for all lines beginning with %E, make them Heading 2?

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    Re: Macro for headings

    This can be achieved using Edit | Replace.
    - Open the Replace dialogue.
    - Type %A in the find box
    - In the Replace box (replace %A with nothing if that's what you want to do or leave the box empty if you still need the %A after the restyling)
    - With the cursor still in the Replace box, click on the Format button - if it's not visible, click on the More button first.
    - The Format drop down menu has Style... as one of its options. Choose Heading 1 (for the %A case)
    - Replace All.
    - Repeat for %E and %X

    The obvious thing to do (but with which I have not yet experimented) is to record all this as a macro and run that.

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