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    Word Memory

    Inevitably, when working with a large (500+ pages) document in Word 2000, I ask the program to reorganize the table of contents or some similar task, and get a message something like, "Word is out of memory and may not be able to complete this task, do you want to continue?"

    Saving the file, exiting Word, and re-launching clears up the problem.

    Is there an adjustment I can make to minimize this inconvenience?


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    Re: Word Memory

    Hi DK:

    I have not had this problem with Word 2000, but had it frequently with Word 95 (even on 200+ page documents). I would take a look at the following things:

    1. The most obvious is not having too many open applications.

    2. Word 95 had the problem of never getting rid of the hidden bookmarks, so that every time you updated the TOC, additional hidden bookmarks were added. Nevertheless, try opening the bookmark dialog box & deleting all the hidden bookmarks in the document. Then update your TOC.

    3. If you have a lot of edits in your document, it might help to clear the undo buffer. The easiest way to do this is to go to Tools/Protect Document & then Unprotect Document (save your document first, as you'll no longer be able to undo anything done previously).

    4. Do you have any add-ins in the Word startup folder? Perhaps one is conflicting with Word.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Word Memory

    In addition to Phil's excellent suggestions, you might try:

    Checking if the NotePad virus is active: I have found it far too often to brush it off: It silently starts IE in the background and is visible from a Notepad window shown as open on pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del once though it isn't open.

    Also, some anti-virus TSRs tend to interfere with memory-intensive tasks like ToC generation for large files. Try disabling them temporarily.

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