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    Concatenation problem (2000 & XP)

    On a report, I thought the address information for a given record would look better concatenated. In the underlying table, of course, each piece of a person's address lies in its own field. So in a text box, I concatenated the City, State and ZIP code items. One little problem: The ZIP code field in the table is a lookup field--it pulls its info from a table I call CityZIP. (This DB involves a fairly small geographic area, so using such a table is no trouble.)

    It's interesting that, when I displayed each of these three items in their own separate text boxes, the ZIP code displays the way one expects (22841, for example). But, when I concatenated the ZIP code field with the other items, it displays the AutoNumber "ID"! Where I expect to see "Mount Crawford VA 22841," I see "Mount Crawford VA 38."

    I'm sure the answer is a simple one, but...can someone help me find it, please! Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Concatenation problem (2000 & XP)

    I think you need to include the CityZip table in the record source of the report, and include the zip field from that table in the concatenation.

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