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    Page Options in OLXP (OLXP (aka OL2000))

    we've just begun using Outlook XP - and i'm already beginning to hate it! <img src=/S/cranky.gif border=0 alt=cranky width=18 height=25>

    we want to be able to print the first page ONLY of an email.
    the Page Options we get are All/Odd/Even.
    have looked everywhere but we can't find any setting which says "just print the first page please"

    are we being <img src=/S/stupidme.gif border=0 alt=stupidme width=30 height=30> or simply over expectant in believing that MS software should do what WE want?

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    Re: Page Options in OLXP (OLXP (aka OL2000))

    We have a similar problem, where people want to print only the latest (top) part of a long email chain for the file. Never did come up with a setting in Outlook. We have to copy and paste into Word.

    I was going to automate this, but could not find any way to recognize and grab only the selected text in the body of a mail item. Grabbing the 1st x characters wasn't good enough.

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    Re: Page Options in OLXP (OLXP (aka OL2000))

    Outlook has never had a page range option for plain text messages through version 2000, and I guess it's the same in XP/2002.

    What I do is Alt+E E (Edit message), page down just about the right amount, delete the rest of the message, print, and close without saving. If you re-open it (in OL2000), the deleted part appears to be gone, but if you open another message and then return to the one you edited, you'll see that in fact the change was not saved.

    This is a royal pain, but the complexities of programming an alternative are more painful...

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