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    Filter tasks list (2002)

    I am new to project and am still learning. I have created a project and have turned on the Auto Filter function in Gaant view. What i was trying to achieve was to remove from the project all tasks that are complete - 100% for printing. I did this by selecting less than in one box and 100 in the other on the custom filter. i then saw the save button and thought GREAT. so i saved it. however ,after that i saw the checkbox to show in list. I cannot get back to my first filter to edit it, i called it 'incomplete' and i cannot save the settings over the top, i get a message saying that a filter with that name already exists.

    please , how do i amend custom filters that i create ?

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    Re: Filter tasks list (2002)

    First, if using Autofilter to change the view of the Gantt, Go to the Percent Complete Column, Select Auto Filter, Select Custom and set the parameters to Does Not Equal 100. This gives you the filter you want. (I am sure you figured this out.) Turn the autofilter off to return to the original view of the data. You could create and save this filter like you said and use the organizer to make it available to other projects.

    Did you use the following selection from the main menu, Project, Filtered For All Tasks, More Filters, then Selected a filter, edited, and saved the filter? If so, you saved the filter with the changes you made over the original filter. To restore the filter, you would need to re-create the original filter.

    Changing the filters should be as easy as selecting the filter, editing the filter, and then saving it. Make sure you aren't opening the file as read only.

    Another option to look at is using views.

    *** To get back to your original view of the data without the filter applied, from the main menu, select VIEW, MORE VIEWS, GANTT, and then APPLY.

    Suggest that you get a book on MS Project that provides a general review on its use.

    Post back if you have any questions.

    (It's been a while!)

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