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    acCmdSaveRecord (2000)

    We have a form where the user enters two pieces of information. First they enter a record number in a selector box and press [Enter]. That brings up a description of an item that was for sale at auction. The user then tabs to a field where he enters the BidderNbr for the person who submitted the highest bid He then tabs to the last field and enters the whole-dollar value of the highest bid. Finally, he presses [Enter] to return to the record selector box. So far, so good.

    I was doing a dry run with our system and entered some dummy data for just one item for one bidder. Then I closed the form and opened the Receipt (a report), where I expected to see the information I'd just entered via the form. Unhappily, I saw the three items that I knew were there already, but the one new item did not appear! I ran Compact&Repair, and then the new information appeared. That's good, but....

    Do I need to add a command button to run the command acSaveRecord or some such? Or can I add an event procedure somewhere in the existing form to handle it? In practice, perhaps three users at separate work stations will use this form to enter Bidder numbers and winning bids. They will have to work quickly, as most of the information will be available to the users only after the bidding ends. Then we'll start the check-out process using the Receipt report, and I don't want to have to train my cashiers to Compact&Repair before they start taking money.

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    Re: acCmdSaveRecord (2000)

    Normally, data will be saved automatically if the user navigates to another record, or closes the form. A RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord is only necessary if you want to save the current record without moving to another record or closing the form, for example if you want to open a report for the current record in a form. It certainly shouldn't be necessary to do a compact and repair each time you have entered a new record.

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    Re: acCmdSaveRecord (2000)

    What is your record source for "the Receipt (a report)?"

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