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    Installing plugins (IE 6.0)

    How do I get Microsoft Word to come up as a plugin in IE 6.0? I have not found instructions in the help system for the rather basic function of installing a plugin. Word documents now display as gibberish. I searched under "plugin", plug-in", "plug" and "helper". Good work with that help system, Mr. Gates.

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    Re: Installing plugins (IE 6.0)

    If you have Word installed, it seems to happen automatically.

    If you don't have Word installed, you can download a viewer but I think it works separately from the browser.

    You can determine whether IE tries to load the .doc in the browser or using an external program from within Windows Explorer. Visit Tools>Folder Options>File Types> DOC and find the Browse in Same Window option. (Not the best directions, but if unclear when you get there, search the Lounge for many posts on this.)

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