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    Unruly Headers in Word 2000

    I have a long document using a header. The header on page 11 takes up about 1/3 of the page while all of the others take only a minimal amount of space. I tried everything I know to do to resize that page's header (page 11) to no avail. Any ideas?

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    Re: Unruly Headers in Word 2000

    Is the same header in use on every page, including page 11.? Is there anything different about page 11, is it the start of a new section ?

    If the header is the same as other pages, then the problem might lie elsewhere. You could try, on page 11, going to Page Setup, select the Layout tab and make sure vertical alignment is set to top.

    Andrew C.

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    Re: Unruly Headers in Word 2000

    Sometimes, if you have placed a picture or other object at the top of a page, when you click on View Header/ Footer, it seems as if the object is in the Header pane. However, the fact that it does not repeat means it only appears so, and is not actually so.

    Another reason (as Andrew has pointed out) is that you may have a section break just before page 11, and the Page Layout for the current section must be having "Different First page" option, and inadvertently, you may have pressed a few superfluous enter marks in the Header Pane just there, after clicking on the Same as Previous icon.

    To check the latter possibility, turn Hidden Text and paragraph Marks On, and view the Header.

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