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    Front-Back End (Access2000)

    I have an Access2K database of about 14 megs. It is relatively static. That is, it will be used for lookup of historical information and will not grow except perhaps for flagging various records. Multiple users will need to access it, so I want to split it to a front and back-end construct. The back would reside on a file server. We are not large enough warrant SQL. While MSDE is recommended as an intermediate step to a more efficient engine, there appears to be little documentation on it. Given our needs, is this the way to go? (I understand that bandwidth availability will impact responsiveness.) Thanks, MartyN

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    Re: Front-Back End (Access2000)

    MSDE is essentially SQL Server 7.0 with some user throttling so that for more than about 5 user connections it grinds to a halt. I would definitely move to the Desktop Engine that comes with Access 2002 if you are seriously considering that approach. In any event, the documentation you need is essentially the SQL Server documentation. Depending on the complexity of your front-end, it could be a major challenge to rewrite it as an ADP - you could use ODBC linked tables however with your current arrangement. But it sounds like you aren't too worried about updates to the database, just queries, so Access may well give you adequate performance with a Jet backend.

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