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Thread: Not Responding

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    Not Responding

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    OK how does one know for sure that the PC is locked up. If I look at the Task Manager and the listing for a particular program says "Not Responding", does that mean with 100% certainty that I should reboot?

    What about the CPU activity is very high, and the listing still says "Not Responding". I have seen this happen temporarily when the PC maybe busy trying to do something.

    What if the clock keeps time, I know that the CPU has little control over this since its coming from the Real-Time Clock chip on the MoBo? Is that an indication of some sort?

    What does "Not Responding" mean when after a while the PC comes back alive and continues normal functions?

    Any information will be great.

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    Re: Not Responding

    Not responding is like when your phone rings and you don't answer it because you're busy. You (the application) might be free soon, and not hung, but the caller (Windows) doesn't know any better. All it knows is it called you and, after allowing a decent number of rings, you didn't answer.

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