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    linking text in a form (2000)


    In a protected form, is there any way to have the text that a User enters into a formfield (in a table cell) on Page 1 link to a table cell/formfield on Page 3 when the text on Page 1 has reached the end of the cell (which is set to an exact height) rather than have the text dissapear when it's reached the bottom of the cell. Right now I have it set up so the User manually tabs to the formfield on Page 3 when they reach the end of the area on Page 1 - but it would be much better if I could link the two areas so it would continue automatically.

    Also, I need to do the same thing with a ref field to that same text as I talk about above - where the ref field is on Page 5, but the spillover text needs to appear on page 8. Is there a way to link the ref fields so it flows automatically.

    This is no problem with text boxes - but I can't use text boxes in a protected form. Any solutions would be much appreciated.



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    Re: linking text in a form (2000)

    This probably won't be easy - have a look at the thread starting at <post#=132458>post 132458</post#>. In the replies in that thread, you'll find code to limit the number of lines entered in a form field. Perhaps this code can be expanded to let the text overflow into another form field...

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