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    E-mail (OE6 XP home)

    Is it possible using eraser software to erase incoming E-mail and attachment(s) either before or after reading? If so where can I locate
    E-mail (s) files on the hard disk. I

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    Re: E-mail (OE6 XP home)

    Here is my file , maybe something here will help .


    Large selection here .


    POP Peeper is a utility that runs in your Windows task bar and alerts you when you have new
    email on any of your POP3, Hotmail, MSN or Yahoo accounts. You can also use POP Peeper to read
    and delete your email. POP Peeper supports HTML email, so you can see your email the same way
    as you would in your email client.

    Completely Free: No Ads. No Registration. No Fees.
    Easy Setup
    Compatible with the following Server Types: POP3, HotmailMSN, Yahoo
    Read and delete email without opening your email client
    HTML Email Support
    Save or Open File attachments
    No account limit -- notifies you of an unlimited number of accounts
    Be notified of new email with visual andor audible indicators

    Free Email Retrieval and Notification Program
    Delete Spam or Suspicious Mail Without Having to Launch Your Email Program .

    The only program in the world that guarantees you will never, ever receive unsolicited email.
    PureMail truly lives up to its name as it has proved 100% immune to all email-based viruses.
    Intuitive, easy-to-understand User Interface.
    Written in Delphi, so the code generated is efficient and uses less RAM compared to Visual Basic.
    Very low overhead - Uses only 3% of Window's system resources in actual operation, and less than
    1% if the program is sitting idle.
    User can still use their favourite email client. PureMail is not a substitute - rather it is an
    addon to your exising email client.
    Trusted Senders, Mailing Lists and Authorized Stamps List is limited only by the amount of RAM
    in the system.
    Transparent operation - once PureMail has been started, it reads in its configuration and the
    trusted lists. It minimizes to the tooltray after. The only user intervention required is when a
    user needs to change configuration, or add a trusted sender/mailing list or a stamp. No need to
    close the program if the user logs out from their ISP.
    User can generate a PureMail Stamp with an expiry date for use as a signature file for any email
    Mail Notification - A popup window appears whenever new mail is detected. Also, the WAV file
    PureMail.wav can be played if configured.
    An external Mail Client can be launched from PureMail.
    Can auto-generate Stamps if the Stamp List is empty.
    Can auto-save Output to a log file.
    Year-2000 compliant.
    Free, free, free! The only thing I ask is that if you decide to keep it, I'd like you to send
    me a postcard. See the license.txt file for more details.


    Letterbox ( freeware ) from ,
    Tick alongside the mail you don't want to download onto your comp .
    Auto delete , deletes & Rules that this person cannot mail you again .
    Delete , this removes the mail only .

    Also you can set your message filter to only accept email that has your
    correct name/addy in the 'TO:' line . You will be surprised at how much email
    comes to you without your name or addy, in the 'TO' line . You can set
    it to delete, or set it to automatically go into a folder , in your
    Inbox , so you can check it .
    Type Rules into your email client Help for details .

    Any that I miss or not sure of, open up the message ( not any
    attachment ) right clicking on the senders email name or email address,
    brings up block sender . Click on block sender .


    Sam Spade v1.14
    The fight against spammers can sometimes seem a losing battle, but every now and then there
    are tools to give you a glimmer of hope. Sam Spade is a network-query tool that can help you
    locate bulk mailers and maybe even make them answer for their transgressions.

    Many server-finding tools, such as nslookup, whois, and traceroute, have been previously
    available, but only from a command line. Sam Spade lets you use these tools from a graphical
    interface, and information found with one tool can be queried using another. Its SMTP Verify
    tool helps you check on the validity of an e-mail address, which is good for finding out if
    mail is being sent from that address or forwarded from another address to cover the spammer's

    Another helpful feature sends HTTP packets to your ISP's Web server every minute or so, to
    keep a dial-up link active. There is also an included Web browser. An query will
    identify the e-mail addresses listed at a database maintained by


    This program is freeware .
    Instead of making filters in e-mail programs, use AntiSPAM. Why?
    Because with filters you must first download messages and then filter
    them. With AntiSPAM you delete undesirable messages from your server
    before you download, thus saving you time and money. Before you use
    an e-mail program like Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora, etc.,
    start AntiSPAM. You will then avoid downloading stupid advertisements.
    It's also possible to set up the program to start every time you start
    Windows and automatically delete undesirable messages when you connect
    to the Internet.

    How Antispam works.

    AntiSPAM deletes (from your POP3 server) all messages that are
    received from e-mail addresses or domains specified in the attached
    file spamers.txt. (Spamers.txt includes a few spammers addresses to
    get you started.) You can manage spamers.txt either with Notepad or
    directly with AntiSPAM. You can add words in spamers.txt (e.g., sale,
    market, new, cheap, inexpensive, make money, or something that
    spammers use in the subject of their messages), to delete messages
    containing these words in the subject.
    If you don't want to receive messages from certain persons, add their
    e-mail addresses to your list--their messages will automatically be
    deleted from your POP3 server. You won't even know they were trying
    to bother you again!

    With AvirMail you can preview all incoming E-Mails while they are
    still on the Server and before you download to your computer.
    With AvirMail you can manage all E-Mails. This means you can read
    each E-Mail, print it, filter it in the way you want to, immediately
    answer it and even delete it - all of this while it is still on the
    Server and before it is downloaded into your computer.
    You can download all acceptable E-Mails to your hard disk using your
    favorite Mail Client - as usual!
    With AvirMail you get a great front-end for the incoming Mail


    EmC (Email Control) is an anti-spam tool that allows you to reduce
    the number of junk mails arriving in your inbox. The program works
    with a combination of filters, that can be customized by the user
    and checks the mail while it is still on your ISPs server. Based on
    your filter criteria, it will process the mail and optionally delete
    all Spam or mark it for deletion. EmC also works as an email checker,
    allowing you to view messages on the server, before doing any delete
    actions. In addition, you can check your mail for any script based
    viruses or other hazards before doewnloading it to your computer.
    New filters can be easily added and the programs comes equipped with
    a large list of presets. Nice Outlook style interface.
    [04/24/2001 v5.0]


    MailWasher is a powerful email checker with effective spam
    elimination . Discover the safe way to stop unwanted viruses and
    emails before they get to your computer .
    Why not make them think you no longer exist by bouncing back their
    email so it looks like your address has been closed down .


    Get free e-mail forwarding
    with the best spam filters on the Internet!

    Are you tired of receiving more junk email than regular mail? Do you
    have to wait 10 minutes to download your new mail , only to find half
    of it is advertisements you never asked for and don't want? Have you
    ever been worried about posting your email address on the Internet
    for fear it will be added to a mailing list that you will never be
    rid of?


    Cloudmark SpamNet
    Cloudmark SpamNet Outlook add-in saves you time and frustration by stopping spam automatically.
    The service is free and easy to use. Spend time reading email not deleting unwanted spam

    When you become SpamNet spamfighter you help to block spam for you and the entire community. The
    program is easy to use and runs invisibly in the background of your email program. It only takes
    minutes to download and install.

    SpamNet supports Outlook 2000/XP. Support for Outlook Express coming soon.
    Stop spam immediately
    Easy to use
    Help fight spam
    Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / XP
    Outlook 2000 / XP
    1mb disk space

    POPFile is an email classification system that has a Naive Bayes text classifier and a POP3
    proxy. It works with any mail client using POP3.

    These are the pages needed to help you setup .
    The more you use this program , your profile builds & it gets better & better at it's job .




    Now you can stop junk e-mail, a.k.a. spam, from cluttering up your inbox. SpamMotel's unique
    patent-pending technology lets you know exactly where the sender got your e-mail address, and
    lets you block all e-mail from that sender with just a click of your mouse. It also blocks
    e-mail from anyone the sender gave, or more likely sold, your e-mail address to.

    Unlike other e-mail programs, SpamMotel does not rely on filters. Instead, we give you
    rock-solid control that filters and other methods simply cannot provide.

    SpamMotel works with your existing e-mail program. There is no need to change your current
    e-mail account; and because it is web-based, there is nothing to install on your computer. When
    you download the SpamMotel User Interface and place it on your desktop, it is ready to go. Fast,
    free, and easy.


    Anonymous email

    In Outlook Express .

    Open Outlook Express....... go up to tools.....accounts
    Highlight your email.....then choose properties....and change your name under User Information.


    Go to the Options/Personal Profile/and just put down what you want your first and last name to
    be . I personally have mine set to first name: M.A. last nam X. . My friends and family all use
    aliases that we all know because of the amount of spam out there, if someone gets an email from
    one of us and it uses our "real" first and last name, there's something wrong with it . Just
    make sure that you notify everyone that you email that you are making an online alias (like a
    trucker) , and what it will be , so that when they get an email , they know it's from you .


    If you want to combine telling neither your true name nor your "true" email address with still
    being able to receive replies, you can create a new, "anonymous" email account. There are two
    ways to accomplish this: a simple one and a not-so-simple one.

    The simple way probably is the better.

    Email Alias
    Many ISPs allow their customers to set up email aliases. An alias is nothing more than a
    different address for the same mailbox. Every message sent to the alias address will go to the
    main mailbox.

    So, if you want to send a message anonymously, create a new email alias for your mailbox, state
    it as your email address in the From: field (and probably add a fancy name).

    Free Email
    Another way to create a new email account is to sign up for one of the many free Web-based
    email services. Sending email from this new address you can be almost whoever you want to be
    (as far as your personality stretches -- this may be farther than you think).

    Limited Anonymity
    Of course, both ways of getting a new email account where nobody would know it is you who is
    using it offer only limited anonymity. Your ISP and the provider of the free email service do
    know you and in case of a court order have to know you.


    One way that spammers gather email addresses is by using email collector programs - "spambots".
    These robots scan the Web and grab all the email addresses out of every site they visit. If you
    use links on your site, if you post your own or other people's email addresses (for example, on
    your Testimonials, Feedback pages, etc.), you (and your customers) have a great chance to be
    spammed and spammed again. Em@ilEncoder allows to keep email addresses on your site out of the
    hands of spammers. Encoded email does not looks like an email address for spammer's tools, and
    they can't extract it from your pages. Encoded tags still working correctly, and visitors can
    send you emails by clicking on the link. (VJ)

    ASS Maker (Anti-Spam Script Maker)
    Are you tired of Spam? Do you own a Home Page with your or your company E-mail address listed
    anywhere in it? Then ASS Maker can help you. ASS Maker writes for you a Java Script that you can
    Copy and Paste into your Home Page in the place of the 'mailto:' tags. ASS Maker disguises the
    'mailto:' tags and your address in several parameters of a Java Script E-mail link. When a
    visitor of your Home Page clicks that link, the script launches the visitor default E-mail
    program with your original address in the 'To:' field, but the spammers bots and spiders can't
    see it!

    Fake E-Mail Creator
    It seems like every day we get annoying e-mails offering porn, get rich quick schemes, or
    illegal solicitations. We didn't ask for this junk. Unethical people extracted your e-mail
    address from the Internet by using programs known as "spambots." Such applications automatically
    surf web page after web page harvesting as many e-mail addresses as they can find. The people
    collecting e-mail addresses en masse don't care who the addresses belong to. They just want to
    make money any way they can. If their porn ads end up in the e-mail box of a 10-year-old or a
    nun or a grandfather, they don't care. As long as they can make sales, they don't worry about
    what eyes fall upon their disgusting drivel. It's time to fight back! With Fake E-Mail Creator,
    you can randomly generate thousands of bogus names and e-mail addresses on an HTML page.
    Spambots will not be able to tell them from real e-mail addresses. The more such poison
    addresses are posted on the Internet, the more difficult it will be for spammers to harvest
    useful e-mail lists. The value of spambots will decline.

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    Re: E-mail (OE6 XP home)

    It seems I

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    Re: E-mail (OE6 XP home)

    They by default are download to the Inbox of OE. The outlook.dbx file is where ALL of your email folders are in. It has been a long time since I used Outlook Express. You will need to search your system for this location, because each OS, 98, Me, 2K, NT and XP can store them in different locations depending on how you have the system set up.

    I just set up a dummy account in OE and the path for this account on Windows XP Pro is:
    Cocuments and SettingsUser accountLocal SettingsApplication DataIdentities{C0C148B9-3D49-4596-A0F7-0DF684B14F5D}MicrosoftOutlook Express

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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    Re: E-mail (OE6 XP home)

    Mni tks

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