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    Russian Language VLOOKUP (2000)

    We are deploying a reporting package that is largely built around VLOOKUP tables. The Russian subsidiaries that use Russian language Excel receive the equivalent of "NAME?" errors when using the workbooks. The Russian input data reports back fine when opened up in other language platforms.

    Any ideas? (Nothing immediately apparent from MSKB.)

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    Re: Russian Language VLOOKUP (2000)

    This may be a red herring. Do you have named ranges in the formulas?

    Some names are invalid in a specific language because they look like an R1C1-style reference in that language. For instance, in the English versions of Excel, names like C2Tools or R15Inventory are invalid, because R or C followed by a number resembles an R1C1-style reference, but S37Sales is valid. In German, names starting with R (Reihe) or S (Spalte) are invalid, so S37Sales would cause problems, while C2Tools would be OK... I don't know Russian, so I can't tell you which names would be invalid in Russian.

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