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    Window Status Bar (2002 SP 1)

    I can't seem to keep the status bar active in the windows I open. This happens in all open windows (Control Panel, Recycle Bin, My Documents, My Pictures, Printers & Faxes, etc) Except for some funny reason I don't have any trouble with My Computer. I can select & check status bar and it's OK for that session, but when I shut down or reboot it goes away again. Another trouble I have that might be related to this is I have the same problem with the volume control icon in the taskbar systray. It can be added for that session by removing the check mark, applying and adding it back and applying it again.
    If anyone can help it would be most appreciated, Thank you Jim

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    Re: Window Status Bar (2002 SP 1)

    Hi Jim--
    A number of prev. posts on the status bar are in the lounge. Threads here and this thread are two of them.
    KB 330216 references clicking the view bar which anyone has done by the time they search for it. Try Windows Explorer/View/Status Bar. Then while in Windows Explorer, go to Tools/Folder Options/View/Apply to all Folders. Sometimes that'll make it stay. If not, try Line 67 Enable Show Status Bar Right Column which is a VB script written to make it stay. Hopefully if one works, it'll be related to making the volume control stay.

    On the volume control icon staying in the notification area aka sys tray, here are 5 quick things to try--any one might work 1) Line 54 Right Side Save Settings on Exit and 2) Troubleshooting the Volume Control Icon
    3) After putting it there again, right click the sys tray, click on customize notfications/then select "always show" under the behavior column. If that won't make it stay, then 4) Go to Line 53 Remove Past Items from the Notification area. Once done, Open Task Manager, click the Processes tab, click Explorer.exe,and then click End Processes. In Task Manager, click File, click New Task,
    type explorer, and then click OK. Then repeat step 1 for each icon you want in the sys tray.
    5) Also see Troubleshooting the Notification Area.

    Good luck,


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