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    printing fields helptext (97)

    Hallo All,

    An user has created a template with a lot of fields. Those fields have F1- helptext
    Now see want to print all those helptexts.
    I cannot see how to do it in Word, Is there a macro to do this?

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    Re: printing fields helptext (97)

    Here is a crude macro you may be able to adapt for your purpose. It adds the names (bookmarks) and help texts of of all form fields in the active document to a new document, which can then be printed.

    Sub HelpTexts()
    Dim ff As FormField
    Dim docIn As Document
    Dim docOut As Document
    Set docIn = ActiveDocument
    Set docOut = Documents.Add
    For Each ff In docIn.FormFields
    docOut.Range.InsertAfter ff.Name & vbCrLf & vbTab & ff.HelpText & vbCrLf
    Next ff
    Set ff = Nothing
    End Sub

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