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    Template for international spreadsheet? (Excel 2K SR-1)

    Oh Great and Powerful Gurus, I have a question.

    I have a spreadsheet that is used in the US, the EU, and in Asia. Currently, I am trying to maintain versions for each language, currency type, and unit system. Needless to say, it is a task to keep track of revision levels across such a system. I would like to find a way to maintain one master that would then disperse across all of the custom spreadsheets. How possible would this be?

    I think that the structure would have to be the same across all versions. The text describing the contents of the data cells would be in different languages. I do not see how I could have just one set of formulas because of the various factors used in formulas having to do with currency calculations and units (such as US vs British vs metric).

    Has anyone out there attempted to do this sort of thing in the past?

    All suggestions welcome.

    TIA, Douglas

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    Re: Template for international spreadsheet? (Excel 2K SR-1)

    You could create a "core" of language/country-independent worksheets (probably hidden), worksheets with local conversion factors (hidden too), and a "shell" of language/dependent input and output (visible).

    Example: you want to input or output the volume of something. Internally, all lengths are stored in cubic meters, but users enter the volume in US Gallons or UK Gallons or Liters, depending on their location.
    The conversion sheet contains the factor needed to convert from gallons or liters to cubic meters (and back).

    You could keep multiple conversion sheets in the workbook, and one "current" conversion sheet. To switch between systems, just copy the appropriate conversion sheet to the current one.

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