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    Resource Utilization (Project 2000)

    Hi Again,

    When allocating mutliple resources to a task, what is the recommend process for allocating a percentage of that person's time? And what can we do (ie: filter) to produce a report that would be meaningful. For instance, if we had a task that was called Update Test Scripts with a 3 week duration and we assigned 15 people to that task, how should that be reflected so that report is meaningful. Right now, everyone is working 100% on multiple tasks which causes overallocations during the same time period. It's getting to be quite hairy. What would you guys recommend?

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    Re: Resource Utilization (Project 2000)


    I would suggest reading up on assigning resources as you can do this many ways. Some people assign resources directly, some assign groups, use various calendars, etc. The allocation of resources is based on your requirements and what you need to determine. As to allocating a percentage of a resources time, you should investigate the type of task the resource is working on such as effort driven, fixed, etc. Your question is too wide open to supply an answer as there are many ways to do what you are asking and create "meaningful" reports.

    Sorry if this doesn't answer your question but again, I would suggest reading up on assigning resources in any MS Project book to get some ideas.

    (It's been a while!)

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