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    Paste crashes Word (2002)

    I have attempted to paste a word table (two pages) into another word document and Word crashes. The status window indicates that it is 'updating fields' and it just hangs. Originally the table had track changes enabled, however even after accepting all the changes the paste still hung Word. I even restarted the computer after the initial crash with no improvement in performance.

    Any suggestions...I have not come up against this before.

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    Re: Paste crashes Word (2002)


    There most likely will be a corruption in one or other of these two files so until you discover the actual location of the problem this may continue to be a problem.

    Try saving the two page table out as RTF and then use an Insert > File method to bring the table in. This MAY solve the problem and is one thing to try before going to the next stage.

    To be sure to remove the corruption completely, you could try this method:
    Paste the table into a blank document
    Remove any returns/soft returns by search and replace with some unique string eg zzz
    Convert the table to text
    Conver the text to table and reinstate the returns/soft returns with another search and replace
    Paste this table into the other file.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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