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    Control 'TrackChanges' (Office XP, Word 2002)

    How can I prevent the function "Track Changes" to interfere with my macros?

    I have templates with a lot of bookmarks where e. g. lead texts for other bookmark contents are placed in the document. Example:

    Doc. ID: 234-2003-3489

    Both are placed in a bookmark. When I use Track Changes the bookmark text will be doubled because the function will show the last input into the bookmark. This of course happens every time I save the document because the bookmarks need to be updated when necessary. Especially the bookmark containing the last saved date.

    Is it useful to make a code which switch off the Track Changes every time I save the document and then switch it on again. Seems a lot of code and logic to get this done?

    Any good suggestion(s)?


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    Re: Control 'TrackChanges' (Office XP, Word 2002)

    Yes, I think you have to code it manually. As convenient as it would be for Microsoft to have created a "No Track Changes" setting (like "No Proofing"), I don't think there is such a thing.

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