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    Issue with Word 97 and HP 895cxi (Word 97)

    I've got an HP Deskjet 895cxi, which I have been using with Windows 98 (2nd edition) and Word 97 - no problem, except that from time to time Word would complain if I tried to print a very large text + graphics document. Fair enough - these were pretty large colour images.
    Now I've got Windows XP, and I've installed the XP driver for the 895cxi. (XP initially saw it as an 895se - don't know if that is significant.) Printing ordinary documents works fine, but now when I try to print pages containing text and some small-to-medium sized black & white images, it sometimes prints the page correctly, but very often spits the page out mid-way, and prints a further chunk on the next page.
    These images are just not that big, and didn't cause any problems previously.
    Does anyone know how to fix this? Also, would Word 2002 be better able to cope with large images?
    Thanks a lot
    Mister Shed

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    Re: Issue with Word 97 and HP 895cxi (Word 97)

    First, check with HP & make sure you have the latest driver. A generic Win XP driver may not be as good. Secondly, make sure that you have hidden text showing (Show/Hide button on the toolbar) & see if you have any page breaks, etc. in the document. Thirdly, check the paragraph formatting for each of the paragraphs & graphics to see if you have "page break before" or "keep with next", etc. checked.

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