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    Linking problems (Access/Excel 2002)

    Hi all,
    I am working with a linked Excel table in Access and am having trouble. I made several changes in Excel including concatenating, deleting and adding fields, and filtering copying pasting. I then went into my form in Access adn did some data entry into the form for the linked table. Then I closed both and tried to open and got External data not in expected format and my excel table is in a terrible mess. Thank goodness for GoBack. Suggestions? Not messing with fields of linked tables? Have Access closed while I am working with Excel table or vice versa?

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    Re: Linking problems (Access/Excel 2002)

    If you change the structure of the Excel table, you need to delete and then recreate the linked table in Access. Deleting a linked table in Access won't delete the source data in Excel.

    A linked table will not automatically update its structure, only the data. If the field structure in the original has changed, it becomes unpredictable what Access will do if you do not recreate the link. Most probably, you will have to modify the form based on the linked table too.

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