does anyone happen to have a copy of Woody Leonhard Teaches Office 2000 that they would be willing to sell? i have looked everywhere for a copy, and cannot find one. it's driving me nuts! i have checked, barnes and,,,, and all the local bookstores, all to no avail. i have borrowed it from the local libraries on occasion, but that only makes me want it all the more when i have to give it back. no, i will NOT "borrow" and not return it, either! all y'all are my last hope. if no one here can help me, then i am lost. i already have Special Edition Using Office 2000 w/CD-ROM, which is a great book, but sometimes it's just a wee bit too far over my head. i find the other book easier for me to understand, especially when i need to know how to do something, and do it quick. i sure hope that someone here can help me. thanks for taking the time to "listen" to me. until the next time, take care and God bless.