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    Parameter query (2000)

    I hope I can explain this - I have 2 parameter queries (no link) that I put on a form as 2 subforms. The one query asks for Name, then Client Name, then Renewal Mth. The other query just asks for Client Name. They just want to see if the Client from the top query has a match in the other query. If that is all they wanted - it does that. They have different scenarios they want to see. First - if they don't put in a name - can they still just put in a Client. Second - Can they put in their name and bypass Client Name and just put in Renewal Mth. I guess what they want is multiple ways to see the top data. The second subform only has one field (Client name). If this makes sense - any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Does anyone know how to bypass a parameter in a multiple parameter query? If any one of the three is left blank is there any way to code this in the parameter?

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    Re: Parameter query (2000)

    To return all values from a field when the parameter for that field is left blank, you can use the method described in <post#=172284>post 172284</post#> and <post#=172404>post 172404</post#>. In this case, it is slightly more complicated since you have three parameters, but the idea is the same.

    I would consider using the form for entering the parameters. Having four different input boxes thrown at you is not very user-friendly. Instead, you could put unbound text boxes and/or combo boxes on the form, and use these as parameters.

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