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    Styles in Word 2000 (2000)


    I teach in a school using Office 2000 on a Windows 2000 Pro network.

    Can anyone explain how to overcome a problem with Word styles.

    In order for students to format long articles & to create tables of
    contents, they were instructed to use Word's built-in Heading styles 1-3:
    - Heading 1 for document title
    - Heading 2 for section titles
    - Heading 3 for sub-section titles

    No problem with assigning Heading 1.
    However, after assigning either Heading 2 or 3 styles to selected text, it
    then reverts to Normal style when the user moves the cursor. This happens
    repeatedly & on all PCs.
    Occasionally it will retain the style & it can at times be 'forced' to do so
    e.g. by adding a space formatted in the same style at the end of the title
    or by adding an extra blank line before the next section of text.

    Clearly neither of these is acceptable & they don't work reliably anyway!
    Students are somewhat fed up with it & so am I.

    Is there a setting in Tools ...Options or elsewhere that is to blame for
    this behaviour?
    Any ideas please



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    Re: Styles in Word 2000 (2000)

    Is the problem there if you start word by going to the Start Menu and choosing Run... and typing in winword /a and clicking the OK button.

    Test this in the blank document on screen. If you then load a problem document, you may be introducing the problem via a macro attached to that file.

    If that gives no joy then try turning off ALL "Autoformat as you type" options in the Tools > Autocorrect dialog
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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