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    AutoNumbering & Track Changes (Word97)

    We have a couple of Word97 documents that are causing some grief.... The documents use Heading Styles to apply Outline numbering throughout the document. There is a AutoOpen macro that modifies the Track Changes settings so that only a bar is shown on the left for each modified line. Track Changes is always ON.

    Does anybody know of any unusual numbering issues when the Track Changes feature is used? We discovered that, if Track Changes is left ON when the document is saved, the automatic numbers are wrong (in these documents).

    Note - there are two main users of these documents - one with Word97 & WinNT 4, the other with Word2000 & Win2000.

    Would this difference in versions cause incorrect numbering with Track Changes?

    Clare Agapeyev
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    Re: AutoNumbering & Track Changes (Word97)

    When you say incorrect numbering, do you mean the numbers are wrong due to tracked changes OR the numbers are tracked as having changed when they actually haven't.

    If you mean the latter then I have seen this a lot and have never gotten to the bottom of it. I usually just run a macro to accept the revisions if it is a paragraph number change type revision. The macro leaves the other revisions intact.

    I generally recommend that revision tracking is too error prone to use completely so it should be used judiciously - turning it on/off when necessary to that structural changes are tracked and non-structural/punctuation is not tracked. For instance, how much value add does a document reviewer get knowing that Figure 1 used to be Figure 1

    If judicious use is too hard to control then work on a copy of the file and do a compare documents when the revision is complete.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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