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    Word 97 Numbered Lists

    I created a template in Word 6 a long time ago which included a style for numbered lists. When I applied the style a second or subsequent times in a document, the list restarted numbering at 1. I have tried to create the same style in a Word 97 template. However I cannot get the numbered list to restart automatically. Using Format - Bullets and Numbering, I can manual restart the numbering manually but I cannot get this to work automatically. Eventually I have imported the Word 6 style into the Word 97 template and this works. But why can you not create a new style in Word 97 which works the same way ?

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    Re: Word 97 Numbered Lists

    I don't have an answer to Jeff's query, except to add that this nonsense afflicts Word 2000 as well. It makes me more and more certain that MS puts loads of features in its products that they never actually use properly

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    Re: Word 97 Numbered Lists

    In addition to using the style you need a local restart for each individual list. This is best done by using a macro to restart the list.
    The following will restart a list
    Sub ListRestart()
    ' Macro created by Rob Phillips (Lasotell)
    ' Resets numbering of current list to restart numbering
    Dim MyList As Variant
    Set MyList = Selection.Range.ListFormat
    MyList.ApplyListTemplate ListTemplate:=MyList.ListTemplate, _
    End Sub

    I recommend using a macro to set all lists. This is most easily done by recording the step of going in to the Bullets and List Dialog and setting a restarted list with the attributes and style associations you want.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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