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    Windows Movie Maker (XPP SP1)

    The Windows Movie Maker that came with my original XPP was a wonder. It was simple, intuitive and very easy to use for splicing small snips of video or still shots into a quick little movie. All I can figure is that Bill Gates saw it by accident one day, noticed that it was imminently easy to use and effective and ordered it destroyed. That has been accomplished in SP-1.

    How in the world could a company be so dumb to mess up one of the few things they have done right? Okay, I shouldn't ask.

    But I will ask this. Has anyone been able to figure out how to run the new Windows Movie Maker that came to you courtesy of SP1? If so, I'll retire from the computer industry and buy a camera. <img src=/S/hushmouth.gif border=0 alt=hushmouth width=16 height=16>

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    Re: Windows Movie Maker (XPP SP1)

    Could you give an example of the problems you are having?

    What version of Movie Maker do you have? Movie Maker 2 is available.

    Did you check 324722: Release Notes for Windows XP Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 1a?

    Did you run a search of the MSKB?

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    Re: Windows Movie Maker (XPP SP1)


    Ah, let me count the ways! As my post tried to explain, the primary difference is that Movie Maker 2 doesn't work. That may be a little too general but in my case it means that I can't start a new project. And, equally as bad, the program won't 'play' the projects created under the predecessor. The only 'play' I got from one of them was to appear to run -- the counter is running as though the snippets of film in the storyboard are on the screen. But they aren't. The screen remains black.It also seems impossible to delete collections even when they have been deleted physically from the drive! It seems copies exist somewhere in the imagination -- won't call it memory -- of Movie Maker. That's really disturbing because I'm a messy person by nature and when I do get around to cleaning up I want those unwanted and dusty files gone. Surely you can sympathize.

    Just when you get fed up with attempts to start a project, make a new collection or play an old collection that won't go away, MM2 hangs up. Must "end task," Those are all the examples I can recall.

    Thank you for the links to the Release Notes and MSKB. Notes doesn't seem to mention Movie Maker 2 (my eyes don't 'look so good' and the small type that invariably displays in Release Notes and MSKB make life difficult). I read the MSKB entries but I don't seem to fit in any way on those cautions about types of chips, etc. I've got a Dell with a Pentium IV, etc., and none of the various additions the MSKB mentions. Even MSKB's note on Movie Maker failure to save movies -- a state I'd love to reach in my efforts -- don't apply as I've got more RAM and virtual memory than the little videos I attempt. So no help there, either.

    I've tried to get Movie Maker 2 to work about all I can stand. Very disappointed. Not surprised, Leif, just disappointed that I don't have an improved app here.

    Once again, thank you very much for your kind attention to my problem. It's always a bright moment to see your name in response to my notes here.

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