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    Turn off URL (Office 2000/Win2000)

    I recently installed Excel as part of Office 2000Pro.
    I have a sheet that has email addresses in one column.
    How can I turn off the feature/annoyance that wants to open Outlook express each time I click a box to edit the data.
    Also can I avoid the reformatting in color?
    Win 8, Firefox 16.0.2, Thunderbird 15.0.2

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    Re: Turn off URL (Office 2000/Win2000)

    Type the number 1 in a blank cell, and right-click the cell.
    Select Copy from the shortcut menu.
    Select the cells with the e-mail addresses that you want to remove the hyperlinks from.
    Right click these cells and select Paste special.
    Choose the Multiply option and click OK.
    The hyperlinks will be removed and the cells will return to their default color.

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