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    Showing all dates in a chart (97)

    I have a date field and a number field and I've created a graph to plot them. However, Not all dates are represented.. I want the graph to show gaps for the missing dates/data?! I can achieve this by creating a new table listing all dates and creating a couple of queries to Make a New Table.. and then basing the graph on this new table. Is there any easier way to do this?! Does Access have such a property/option? Thanks, Andy.

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    Re: Showing all dates in a chart (97)

    Most chart types treat the X axis as a category axis, so if you have dates 03/22/03, 03/23/03 and 03/26/03, only those will be displayed, equidistant.

    Chatter charts (XY charts) treat the X axis as numeric, so for the above dates, 03/24/03 and 03/25/03 will be displayed on the axis too.

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