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    Output to Excel (2000)

    I have an Access db that has a macro exporting info as an .xls spreadsheet. The reason I'm not using Excel db query is due to the fact that the tables in Access are actually linked .dbt files. When I tried to run the Excel db query function, the table/query names would show up, but when I clicked to expand the view, it wouldn't show any fields. Is there something I am doing wrong or can do to link?

    So, I decided that I would export the info from Access and have it replace an existing spreadsheet. After I say yes, replace the existing spreadsheet, I tried to create an AutoOpen macro in my personal macro workbook that changes some formatting, does some counts and hides some columns. Problem is, it seems like the AutoOpen macro is running before the existing spreadsheet is replaced, because I can see in the background the changes being made, and then disappearing. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Output to Excel (2000)

    An AutoOpen macro in Personal.xls will be run each time Personal.xls is opened, i.e. each time Excel is started. I doubt that is what you want. You should call the macro explicitly from within Access, using Automation.

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