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    Acc97 Runtime and Acc 2000 or 2002 (97 and others)

    I have a secured Access 97 application that I want to send to some people. They may have Access 2002 or 2000 on their computers. Their converting the file is not an option because security is invoked on both the frontend and the backend. I have Access 97 plus the Access 97 Office Developer's Edition, but have never used the Setup Wizard or distributed the Access Runtime.

    What will happen to their working setup if I send them a setup file with Acc 97 runtime version? Will it clobber their working setup? I just created the setup file, and installed it onto my own computer (Acc 97), and it seems to work OK, but I really don't want to botch up their working configurations. I've seen previous online references to installing different versions of Access into different folders. I would be willing to do that (e.g. crogram filesAccess97Runtime), but I didn't see anywhere in the Setup Wizard that I could make that choice.

    Any help or advice appriciated.
    Jack MacDonald
    Vancouver, Canada

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    Re: Acc97 Runtime and Acc 2000 or 2002 (97 and others)

    The 97 setup wizard does not work very well when installing on a machine runing Office 2000 or later. Of course, I don't think it works well anyhow, but I have experience of it not working properly under the circumstances you describe. If you have never built a setup, you're even worse off, because to safely install on a machine with a later version, you need to carefully control where the runtime files are installed, and that isn't easy with the wizard. We do this all the time, but we use the Wise installer with a SageKey script, which allows us to do it right and not run into the problems the Setup Wizard creates.

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