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    Login problem (2002-service pack 1)

    I am new to this board, someone from the surveying board POB ONLINE sent me here. I have a window XP machine that will not let a person login. You can log in as admin and try to change the persons password, it looks like it works but she still can't login. She has been using the same user name and password for months with no problem. The computor can still be used but the settings, E-mail, etc are lost or not the same. Thanks for the help

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    Re: Login problem (2002-service pack 1)

    Login as Administrator, and go to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management. Under "Local users and Groups | Users" right-click her user profile and from pop-up menu choose "Properties". Make sure that account is enabled. Then click "Member Of" tab. I would recommend to make her member of "Power users". Close her Profile Dialog window clicking OK button and right-click her profile once again. From pop-up menu choose "Set Password" and reset her password. Close Computer Management window. Open Windows Explorer window (press Windows key and E key on your keyboard simultaneously). Navigate to cocuments and Settings. If you create several profiles for her with the same username, you will see <her username>, <her username.000>, <herusername.001> or similar folders. Try to find most recent (currently used) folder by the date created (clicking View | Details from the menu). All her personal data usually are collected in <her username>Local SettingsApplication data folder. (This folder is hidden, click Tools | Folder Options | View and click "Show hidden files and folders" radio button. Also UNCHECK "Hide extensions for known file types" and "Hide protected operating system files".) Now you can copy her personal settings and files to her recent folder, except Outlook/Outlook Express folders. To copy Outlook Express folders, logon to <her username>, start Outlook and from File menu choose Export and copy everything from her old profile(s) to her new one.

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