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    Dial-Up Networking

    I am running Win98/SE. Often, when I use DUN (Dial-Up Networking) to connect to the Internet, it will leave a "phantom" (empty) icon on my taskbar.

    While this does not seem to affect my computer, it is annoying, especially if a few of them accumulate, since I am not "always on." Ctrl-Alt-Del does not show DUN running, and right-clicking these icons has no effect.

    Is there a way I can (1) either stop this behavior from occuring (I have upgraded DUN to Win98/SE v1.4), or (2) get rid of these "empty" icons. Currently, I log-off, log-on and they disappear.

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    Re: Dial-Up Networking

    What happens if you click the ghost icon? I used to have several applications under Windows 95 that left such phantom icons behind. "Activating" them made them disappear.

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