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    Office 2000 Setup (2000sr1 sp3)

    We need to deploy Office 2000sr1 / sp3 to several workstations and I was hoping to seek your advise on the functionality of Office after disabling some features. Using the Custom Installation Wizard we have selected everything to "Run from Computer" except the following:

    -->Address Book (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)

    -->Net Folders (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->Visual Basic Scripting Support (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->Collaboration Data Objects (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->Electronic Forms Designer Runtime (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->Symantec Fax Starter Edition (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)

    Office Tools
    -->Digital Signature for VBA projects (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->Lotus VIM Mail support (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->HTML Source Editing (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->FindFast Control Panel (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->Office Assistant (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->Office Server Extensions Support (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)
    -->Office Web Components (selected as - NOT AVAILABLE)

    Do you think there is going to be any problems with the functionality of this configuration? Are there any other suggestions anyone can add?

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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    Re: Office 2000 Setup (2000sr1 sp3)

    Two thoughts:

    Word might need address book support to use Outlook as a mail merge source.

    If you think you might use Office components on your intranet and you don't pre-install them with Office, you have to add a distribution scheme to your intranet. Not sure which approach is more convenient.

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