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    Changing Language (XP Pro (Italian))

    Hi folks,

    One of my users is an Italian student who is working in the UK for a year. He bought a laptop with XP on it in Italy and brought it with him. Obviously he can read and understand the Menus, Dialogs etc, but his housemates where he is staying also use the machine and they don't speak Italian.

    Does anyone know of any way to change the Language settings in foreign versions of XP so that it displays the normal English options. I assume there is something in the Control Panel / Regional Settings, but don't know if this will change all text, or just change things like Pounds to Lira and maybe a change in keyboard layout.

    I apologise if the answer is an easy one, but he has not brought the laptop in to the office yet so I have not had a chance to look at it.


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    Re: Changing Language (XP Pro (Italian))

    The ability to change the language of the Office interface is not available for stand-alone installations. "Office XP with Multilingual User Interface Pack" is only sold to corporate customers, presumably for a networked installation. No hope for Office on a laptop, I'm afraid.

    The Italian version of Office probably comes with support for Italian, French, German and English documents (spell checking and grammar checking). This doesn't change the interface language, however.

    Keyboard layout can be switched using the Control Panel. It's possible to have a language indicator in the task bar/system tray for easy switching.

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