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Thread: Media player9

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    Media player9

    How do I delete this one so I can reinstall it again????

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    Re: Media player9

    Hello Ricky--

    You don't delete WMP 9 if you want to reinstall it. The way you do this is to use System Restore; then reinstall it again. Also if you post your particular problem with it, and someone can fix that you may not need to--but it only takes a minute anyway. Here's some reference:

    <A target="_blank" HREF="">
    Read Me for WMP9: Removing this version of the Player</A>. Scroll Down to the bottom.

    You can reinstall WMP9 from Downloads for Windows Media Player

    Here is a general trouble shooting reference for WMP Issues from "Zach D" who is on the WMP team for Microsoft helped develop WMP 9, and has it as his day job:
    Win Media Player FAQ and a quote from his I have a question about WMP9 Uninstaller:

    "Note that the WMP9 installer automatically enters reinstall mode if you install it on top of itself - that's the best way to do a repair. It is counterproductive to remove the player if you intend on reinstalling it.
    If you want to roll back to your previous player, read the How To here. If you had System Restore turned off, you can still run a Repair of Windows XP. Note first that you should NEVER disable System Restore if you are not the most bad-ass system jockey in the world. I do this stuff for a living, and I would not turn off System Restore if you paid me to. It is NOT worth it to turn off System Restore."
    I noticed that Zach says installing the Codec series over WMP9 is redundant and that it will "break" the ability to copy using it--but that didn't happen to me.


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