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    Word97 -> Word 2K prints lite, Why? (97 & 2K)


    Documents created in Word97 and then opened in Word2K print lite, i.e., a black font prints in grey.

    The Word97 document is created with a Postscript printer driver, the 2000 uses a HP4 driver. (This will be changed as soon as/if we can locate a Word97 HP4 driver.)

    At this time upgrading the Word97 machine is not viable as it's in another part of the world....

    Any remedy, suggestions?

    Thanks, Rod

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    Re: Word97 -> Word 2K prints lite, Why? (97 & 2K)

    Does the font used in the document exist in the target printer, or is it being substituted with something else?

    When you use print preview, is the text really black? What I mean is, text inserted with tracked changes on could be in color, but the fact that the text was inserted that way can be disguised on screen and yet be revealed at print time (as many confused and frustrated people have discovered).

    If that's of no use, can you post a sample document?

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