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    Preserving Styles using different templates

    Iam creating a template using Word 97, that inserts other templates based on check list that the end user checks.

    The templates that are being inserted all have different styles, margins, fonts, pagenumbering etc etc.

    When I insert the documents, it appears that the styles are being applied from, instead of retaining the styles of the template that was just inserted.

    Is there a way of maintaning "exactly" the same style that the original template was created in, instead of being stuck with normals style?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Preserving Styles using different templates

    Use Format-Styles-Organizer to copy all styles from the sub-templates into your main, mother-of-all template. Take care with similar style names. And then save the mother-of-all template. A user of this template will have the Page Setup of this template, but can access all the styles that you added from other templates.

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    Re: Preserving Styles using different templates


    If the styles have the same names and your insertion document's template has those styles (It has all the styles in the styles with the same name in the inserted file will reflect the formatting for that style in the insertion. If each of your documents has a "BodyText" style when you merge your documents there will be one BodyText style and it will apply to every paragraph in the new document that is in BodyText style. So...

    For each of your documents for insertion,
    1) make sure that the styles have unique names.
    2) unless you feel are feeling particularly masochistic, have none of those styles based on any of the built-in styles (or any styles which are based on those styles). Note that your base styles would then be based on (none). When you do this, be sure to edit the language of the base style to reflect the correct language rather than "no proofing."
    If you are using automatic numbering (or bullets) in any of your documents, take a look at <A target="_blank" HREF=>Word's Numbering Explained by John McGhie</A> (

    If I were starting to create such a system, I would start from a single template that had all the styles I would need in any of the documents. I would create my other documents based on that template. I would then be inserting those documents into the document based on my insertion template, which itself was based on the single base template. Any changes in styles would be incorporated into the base template, the insertion template, and all of the other templates.

    I realize that you are not at the beginning of your project and are in a fixing position rather than a designing position. Nevertheless, you may want to aim in that direction. Hope this helps.
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