I have a problem with an Outlook install. When I set Word as the Editor and compose a new message, it tries to start installing MS Project. Once I click cancel about 4 times, it opens the new message window and allows me to use word. As long as I do not close Outlook, I will not see the message again.

Word 2000 is installed and it opens from the menu and it opens documents correctly if I open them by double-clicking in Windows Explorer. It even runs perfectly when I open Word attachments. Project 2000 is installed and it runs equally as well. I even looked at all the settings in "File Options" in Windows Explorer and did not find anything calling project.

So, before I uninstall everything and re-install, or worse format the hard disk, I thought I would pop over here and ask the experts. Has anyone run across this before? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.