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    entry of records (2000)

    I have an inventory to catalogue in access for a charity. The larger items are "loaned" to customers. These items need individual entries with serial numbers because they have to be regularly serviced - e.g. electrical goods . Other items are stored in volume (e.g. shoelaces) and issued to customers with no record needing to be kept of who has them, merely a note to rerder for stock.

    I have no trouble setting up the various tables to deal with the individual items and recording the location and tracking their service history. But how do I deal with the multiple small items - I don't fancy entering 400 pairs of shoe laces in 400 separate rows each with their own id number.

    Can anyone suggest how I can make these two types of stock live harmoniously in the same database?

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    Re: entry of records (2000)

    How about a master record for each kind of item, and a second table with just the ID number of the master record, serial number, service dates, location, etc. Quantity could be tracked in the master record, and check-out or withdrawl transactions would simply reduce the quantity on hand. Let us know what you think.

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