I have just moved from Word 2000 and Office 2000 to Windows XP and Office XP.

Under 2000, my emails from Woody's Lounge were displayed in Verdana. Under XP, the same messages are displaying in Times, as are new messages from the lounge.

I think I had to change some options in 2000 to get the display in Verdana but I cannot recall which ones I changed. I have been through every font setting I can find in Outlook XP and in IE and whilst any mails I create or reply to are in Verdana, the Woody's Lounge emails persist in displaying in Times.

Frustratingly, if I forward one of these messages to another address that I view through Outlook Express, it displays in Verdana.

Apart from the obvious answer of using OE for this mail box as well (I have reasons not to), can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or is this a feature of Outlook XP.

I am familiar with HTML and CSS files if something requires editing or creating.

Thanks for any ideas.


Peter Grainge