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    Word settings (XP)

    I use Office XP on Win2000. I usually log-in as Administrator. One other users uses the same machine through a "standard user" account. Today when I logged on, I found that all the settings of my MS-word were gone. The normal template had been replaced to the default, all the custom toolbar buttons were gone and, worst of all, all my autocorrect entries were gone as well.

    Template locations in Tools/Options/File locations is fine and I can see all the template files that I created. Only the normal template has been resetted. Is there any particular file where word keeps the autocorrect entries?

    Is there any way I could recover any of this?

    The other person who uses the mahine says he has not done anything (which must be true for he is the type who has perhaps never heard the word template in the context of MS-office).

    One change that I did last Friday was to change the language and keyboard settings in my Windows control panel. Could that have resulted in my losing the settings.


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    Re: Word settings (XP)


    It's difficult to say exactly what happened to your - Word will automatically create a clean new one if your existing one is deleted - but changing your language and keyboard settings shouldn't affect (you could always test this by changing these settings back to what they were before Friday, and see if that affects anything).

    Autocorrect entries are stored in a file with an .acl extension - do a search here on "acl" for a listing of previous posts you can look through - so it is possible that you may be able to locate the old one.

    Normal.dots unfortunately are very prone to damage so if you are going to store customizations to, it would be wise to periodically make a backup copy (stored with a different name and in a different directory of course).


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