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    Database for scanned images (2002)

    For setting up a simple database to store all the receipts for warranty purpose, I am considering to use Access to store scanned image. The size is about 10KB to 60KB for each image. There will be less than 1000 images per year. The format of the image will be PNG and PDF.

    First question: Should I store the images inside the Access, as a field, or outside the access, as linked object?

    Second Question: How to call the scanner application from Access form?

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    Re: Database for scanned images (2002)

    You should definitely not store the images in your database. That is a sure recipe for database bloat. Whatever the image format, Access will also store an uncompressed bitmap image, which could easily be several megabytes per image.

    You can store the path and filename in a text field, and use an image control to display the image on a form (or report). Charlotte has posted a database in <post#=126927>post 126927</post#> that demonstrates how to do this.

    Alternatively, you can store the path and filename in a hyperlink field that the users can click to view the images in the application that is associated with them.

    I don't know the answer to your second question.

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