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    Can't create rule ?! (XP SP 2)

    Hello !

    For some reason Outlook does not accept any new more rules, although existing rules are working fine...

    The message is

    "The rule could not be created: check your folder persmissions"

    Any idea ?



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    Re: Can't create rule ?! (XP SP 2)

    The error message implies that you are trying to do something with a Folder which you do not have permission to access, so the first thing to check is can you manually perform the steps that the Rule is attempting to perform.

    To check if you are running out of "Rule space" (I don't know what the limits may be), back up all your rules (Tools, Rules Wizard, Options, Export Rules, etc.) and then uncheck all your Rules to see if the new Rule will then run.

    Another possibility is that you have conflicting Rules, though that wouldn't necessarily result in that error message. I recommend that you search through all your Rules to see if there is more than one Rule addressing the Folder in question.
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