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    Service Pack 3 (Office2000/SR2)

    I run Windows 98 as my operating system, and Office 2000/SR2. I've received the CD ROM version of the Office 2000 Service Pack 3, but am hesitant about installing it because I've read about bugs, new problems caused by the service pack, other utilities to overcome the problems, and so on. I use Office 2000, mostly Word. For adress contacts, I use Outlook, but I use Outlook Express for my email (Earthlink-Mindspring is my ISP). I also have MS publisher that I'm learning. Norton Anti-Virus is my virus checker. Should I anticipate any glitches? What advice can you offer this very non-techie person?

    Thanks very much. The lounge is the best resource I've ever discovered!

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    Re: Service Pack 3 (Office2000/SR2)

    Woody strongly recommends installing SP3 in his newsletter - see and You can also read there what to watch out for, and what else you should get (if you need it).

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