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    Checkdisk stops during stage 2 of 3

    Upon booting early last week, I got the message that Win2K needed to run
    Checkdisk. Checkdisk finished and Win2K booted up.
    Then Friday, I got the same message. Checkdisk went to stage 2 of 3, it said
    index complete, and then stopped before reaching stage 3 of 3. I had to do a
    hard re-boot. The same thing happened on each reboot.

    I got a few Stop messages: first, 0X00000001E, citing ACPI.sys and
    ntoskrnl.exe, but that went away after a re-boot. I later on got
    0X0000000BE, attempt to write to read-only memory, driver ntfs.sys, but that
    also went away after re-boot.

    I booted from the CD ROM, and selected Recovery Console. I then ran chkdsk
    from the command line. Chksdk stopped at 50%--I gave it about 5 minutes, but
    no movement. I did a hard reboot, went back to Recovery Console, and tried
    again. Same problem. Checkdisk using recovery console--booted from CD:
    Chkdsk stops at 50%.

    Is there any way to get checkdisk to finish?

    My system: Win2K, SP-1, Internet Explorer 5.5, FIC-503+ motherboard (latest
    BIOS) with VIA 4-in-1 driver version 4.28, Maxtor 27 gig hard drive, Matrox
    G400 video board with latest drivers.

    Here are all the possible coincidences, things that came up in the last few
    1. I had upgraded VIA 4-in-1 to version 4.28 last week.
    2. After the first time I had seen checkdisk appear on a boot-up, but a few
    days before the most recent problems, I had upgraded DirectX to version 8a
    3. I upgraded my CPU from K-6 300 to K-6 400 2 weeks ago.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Re: Checkdisk stops during stage 2 of 3

    Have you tried letting checkdisk run? We had a WinNT workstation that took 2 days to finally complete. If you have a time when you can do that it might complete. If you want the computer to start without running checkdisk you can rename chkdsk.exe (should be in c:winntsystem32) to chkdsk.old. Of course this won't fix the problem that is causing checkdisk to run in the first place.

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